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Calling all Parents! Making Money Blogging!

Welcome to the Parenting and Family Forums! We have a great website with lots of information and fun conversations. But you are on this page to learn about our offer to make money blogging; aren't you?

Let's be clear: This isn't one of those online get-rich-quick schemes. We are NOT asking you to pay us a little money as an investment with promises of you making billions doing little to nothing. Indeed, this costs you nothing; we are not asking you to pay us anything or give us your credit card number or anything like that. Likewise, you won't get rich and you won't be able to quit your day job. But... you will make some money doing what most people enjoy doing for free! And the amount you earn each month is expected to grow month-by-month and can become a significant residual income. Your blog can be an advice column, a personal journal about your own family life, or whatever you want it to be.

Further below on this page you will find the FAQ about this blogging program. However, to start a blog, you will need to be a member. If you are not already a member, please join for free by registering now. If you are already a member, please log in.

Make Money Blogging FAQ

Starting Questions

What can I blog about?
You can blog about almost anything. Your blog can take the form of an advice column offering either general parenting advice or addressing a specific topic (e.g. "financial advice for families"). Alternatively, your blog can be more of a personal journal about your family, like the kind of stuff you post on Facebook but you get paid for it. In that case, you can gear it towards people who know you personally. Or you can gear it towards a more general audience. It's up to you.

How much do I have to post?
To get a guaranteed payment for the month, we require you to post at least 4, original 300-word or more blog posts per month. You can post more times, as much as you want, and they can be less than 300-words. We may waive this requirement once your blog is established and/or depending on how well it does, and you may still get paid if you do not meet this requirement. This requirement is the minimum you need to do to be guaranteed a minimum payment. It's not that much. It's less than a short post per week, and the timing is flexible so you can do all your posting any one week -- or day -- of the month or you can spread it out however you want. To reiterate, you are not required to post any amount, and you can still get paid depending on how well your blog does; these minimums are only needed to guarantee that you get a payment each month.

How much money will I make?
How much you make depends on how well your blog does according to a number of factors which of course depends most of all on how much work you put into it in two ways: (1) how much time and effort you put into writing interesting, useful posts, and (2) how much if any time and effort you put into promotion your blog. As long as you make the minimum posts, you are guaranteed to get at least $5 per month. That is almost certainly how much you will get the first month while your blog is established. The amount you make will almost certainly grow with time and build you a significant residual income regardless of how much work you put into it. If you put in more work, it will increase faster and your residual income will build up faster.

How do I start?
You must be a member of the forums with a post count of 5 on-topic posts to start your own blog. If you are not already a member, please join for free by registering now. If you are already a member, please log in.

Other Money Questions

How can I increase the amount I get paid?
There are two general ways to do this.

The first is to make your blog even better. You do that by writing more posts. Also, you do it by putting a little more effort into each post to make them more informative, interesting or entertaining, and of course to proofread them for readability and off-putting errors.

The second part is to promote your blog. You do not have to do this to make money because being on our website already gives you exposure. But if you do it it will help speed up the increases in how much you get paid. It's the gift (to yourself!) that keeps on giving. For instance, the promotion you do this month will cause you to make more money every month after this over and over again. You promote your blog by doing things like telling your friends about it or putting a link to it on your Facebook page. Once you start your blog, you will have access to more detailed advice for promoting your blog for free in case you want to do so but again you do not have to.

How will my payment be calculated?
We will use our proprietary algorithm to determine how much to pay you. Each month you will be told how much you will be paid to continue blogging for another month, which is based on how well your blog did the prior month or will be $5, whichever is higher. If it's not worth it to you, you can quit anytime; that is why we tell you how much you will get paid for continuing to blog for that month at the beginning of that month. If you quit, you may or may not continue to make money because a well-established blog may still do well even after the author abandons it. You start at a minimum monthly payment of $5. Mostly, the algorithm considers (1) how many total 'hits' your blog gets, (2) how many unique visitors your blog gets per month, (3) how many posts you make and how long they are, (4) how many comments (a.k.a. replies) you get, and finally (5) the estimated quality of the traffic your blog gets measured by things like length-of-stay and bounce rate which prevents people from abusing the system by purchasing fake traffic using a computer program that simply automatically reloads the page over and over to artificially inflate 'hits' or even 'unique page views'. This might seem technical, but basically it means you are paid based on how much you post and how truly popular your blog is, and of course how popular your blog gets depends on how much you post and how good those posts are. Lots of good posts => popularity => more money.

How do I get paid?
You will be paid by PayPal.
Will you offer other ways to make even more money?
Yes. We are working on a project to give you bonuses for referrals and a project to have 'cute kids' photo contests with cash prizes.
How can you afford to pay me to blog, which is something so many people are happy to do for free?
We generate income by selling advertising on this website. Having your blog on here helps make this website better, which attracts more members, which helps us sell more advertising. It only seems fair that we offer a way to pay you for that.

Other Technical Questions

What will my blog look like?
The blogs will blend in very much with the main site, the forums. The page layout will be a little different to give more of a blog-look. This includes putting more focus on the opening post, presenting it more as an article. Also, there will be extra space given for credit to the blog author on blog post pages than would be given to a topic-starter on a normal forum topic page. All blog posts need to be at least 2 sentences.

What kind of privacy/security controls do I have?
You can make it so only people you approve can reply to your posts or that all replies are held in a moderation queue for you to approve or disapprove. You can also make part of your blog private so that posts in those private categories can only be seen by people you approve. That is likely to lower the amount you make because it will limit how popular your blog can be. However, it can be a good feature if you are more interested in having a free personal blog to update friends and family rather than making money. Alternatively, it can be good if you want to have a private subsection for some specific personal purpose such as pictures of your children while the main part of your blog is more public.
What are the other terms and conditions?
By accepting a blog, you agree to our terms and conditions. You may not use the blog for any illegal purpose including but not limited to copyright infringement. While we of course will try to keep your blog's data safe and any private material private, you agree not to hold us liable for any errors or other problems that lead to data loss or privacy leaks including but not limited to those resulting from hackers, computer glitches or accidental coding errors. You agree that all payments and promises to pay are conditional on these and all this site's terms and conditions, with any violation leading to revocation of any payment. You give and its owners unconditional and permanent rights and permission to use the content you post on your blog at the time of posting. We are buying the content from you by paying you to blog. We are under no obligation to remove your blog posts or writings upon your request. We reserve the right to close your blog at any time. All payments made are for that month, and any promises to pay are valid only for the next payment within the next month and shall be considered full payment for any and all content previously submitted. While we may continue to pay you or some other blog authors even after the dissolution of the agreement and/or after you/they cease posting as a courtesy to share the revenue we estimate the content you sold us generates for us, you are not entitled to any on-going royalties of any kind. Once you stop posting, whether by your own choice or by ours, you are not entitled to any more payments in future months. Any additional payments we do send you for whatever reason are not ever a promise to continue to send payments and in no way are meant to cast doubt on our full, unconditional ownership of all content submitted to this website. You are not an employee of this website. Any money you are paid is as a purchase for the digital items and rights you sell to us. We are not qualified to give you tax advice, but you probably need to report it as self-employment income.