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Teenage Mom - Struggling With Bills - How to Cope?

Being a parent in a family means juggling a lot of things, some of those things are working and staying afloat financially. Whether you are a work at home mom looking for new ways to make money online or need tips for trimming the family-budget, use this forum to talk to other Moms and Dads about anything to do with money, employment, business, credit and so forth.
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Teenage Mom - Struggling With Bills - How to Cope?

Postby Love » August 7th, 2012, 9:16 pm

I will share this without any fear of judgement, so hopefully nobody would be too harsh with their opinions. Believe me, I have learned an ample amount of lessons from experience, and I do not intend to make any more mistakes.

I am currently 27 years old, I got pregnant at 16. I now have a 10-year-old daughter who lives with me whom I support together with my mother's help. I am a single parent. Because of my pregnancy, I had to drop out of high school since I went to a very strict Catholic school.

Since then, I haven't really made much progress in my own life anymore. I never had the chance to go back to school, nor do I want that anymore, and everything has circled around putting my daughter through school, providing for her needs, and all that.

My question is, how do I break out of this rut? There are millions of unemployed college graduates flocking over every job opening and most jobs require some sort of college degree at least. It's very hard to find a decent workplace that would consider hiring me.

What I've done all these years are online jobs, I also developed websites and made a living out of them. But now, it's starting to get really hard to make pennies. The bills, the fees, they've been very intimidating and I just want to make more so I could save and invest in something that could actually stop this routine of making money, paying bills, then having to make more money to pay more bills. I am barely making it.

I'm so tired, and burned out. And I am afraid for my daughter because I want to be able to give her a stable future even when my mother's not around anymore. This is very important to me, and she recently celebrated her 10th birthday and I could even hardly squeeze in my budget a gift. I guess all parents feel this way at one point in their lives, but I have no idea what I'm doing anymore...

My father passed away 9 years ago, and my mother is retired. Basically, I have my daughter's future in my hands and it scares me to death. If anyone could share their input, any constructive advice is more than welcome.

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