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Porn Websites and Children

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Porn Websites and Children

Postby khulbe » August 6th, 2012, 5:57 am

Hi guys
My 15 years old niece used to surf internet several hours in a day.
I think she is addict to porn websites.
How to deal with this problem?

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Re: Porn Websites and Children

Postby Love » August 7th, 2012, 7:45 pm

This is such a touchy subject matter, one that I'm having a little hard time addressing. If I were to be completely honest, I wouldn't know how to respond to such a predicament if I were in your place, or her parents, either. :lol:

The first solution that came to mind was to completely cut her off the internet. But then the trouble is, I wouldn't be able to convey the reason behind such a drastic decision. I don't think I'd be able to simply tell her flat out that it's because of suspicion that she's addicted to porn. :oops: I don't know why, but I'd feel embarrassed discussing it with her, for her sake I guess. So, I don't suppose cutting her off from the internet is the best way to deal with this. Besides, it does seem a little bit disrespectful to just assume that porn is what's keeping her online, and making decisions based on suspicions (not trust) is disrespectful.

Of course, it's never advisable to to be lax with our teenagers because this is when they need our guidance the most, so we must always make sure our choices are balanced and healthy for their well-being.

My solution: If she were my daughter, I would remove the computer from her room and place it somewhere like the living room or family room. That way, if she is addicted to porn, then she'd have very limited access to those kinds of websites now. Putting the computer somewhere accessible to anyone in the household would keep her from viewing bad content, yet still give her the fair freedom of getting to anything else she might need online (e.g. research, Facebook, and other wholesome online pages).

That is the only reasonable solution I could think of, I've racked my brain. It's not too harsh, but at the same time it's rightly firm and 90% porn-proof. :)

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Re: Porn Websites and Children

Postby timajdad » September 6th, 2012, 4:35 pm

watch carefully what your kids is doing online, and TV programs including cartoons because, they go too far.

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Re: Porn Websites and Children

Postby Scott » October 5th, 2012, 11:37 pm

I agree with the advice of moving the computer to the common part of the home regardless of if the child is watching porn. I am not convinced a Facebook addiction is any worse for a child than watching some porn.

Kids look at porn. They did it before the internet; they do it know. I don't think it's inherently that big of a deal. Watching porn is not the same as being addicted to porn. If a child is addicted to anything, they need help from experts. Otherwise, I'm not saying to encourage it, but I wouldn't put stopping them from secretly looking at porn as a priority; many children do a lot worse and a lot more dangerous things using the internet, such as posting or sending pictures of themselves, breaking laws, cyber-bullying or setting up dates with strangers. It might help to talk openly about sex to the children, to stave off their curiosity and make sure they get the right information rather than the rumors flying around the internet or the misleading portrayals of sex given by many types of porn.

You can install some sort of web nanny software on the computer as well that tries to block X-Rated websites. But the real solution is probably just for the parents to talk constructively to the child.

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